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Healthy Mind #randompost

Hey hey. It's me again. Finally after a longgggg time, I'm back to this blog. I wrote my last post back in February and now it's December already. Time flies (why I always write this on my every post?). Anyway, I had the thought to delete this blog sooo many times. I thought the content of this blog were so how to say.. trashy? I kept pouring all my feelings on my recent posts. BUT when I think about it again, those were the phases that I went through. Those were the story of how I become the way I am now. I don't want to feel ashamed about it. In the end, I decide to keep this blog. I admit that my reasons for starting this blog were so wrong. And now, I don't want to consider about those reasons anymore. I don't want to think about how many views that I will get, the followers that will follow this blog, whether I will become a famous blogger or if I'm gonna get the perks of being a blogger any time soon, ANYMORE. I just want to have a fresh start with a…
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Blue Valentine

I am sad. I thought I was okay but I am not. Even the sky feels so gloomy today. I wonder if they know what I feel now.
I know that today should be a happy day where people spend this special day with someone they love; family, lover, friends. But today, I can't spend it with them. All my friends are working today. The worst part is my parents departed from Ningbo this morning to another city, then they go back home. I didn't feel sad when we separated at the station. I thought I was okay, because the last time my mom went back, I cried secretly on the subway. I still feel okay when I ate at downtown. But all that changed when I entered my apartment building and the lift. I entered it by myself. It felt so lonely. I am used with the many people this past few weeks and suddenly it's all by myself. The part that break my heart is when I entered my room. It felt so empty. I cried I cried and I cried. I didn't even want to look at my room. The wall hanger used to filled w…

Share Your Love

How do you feel after you share/give something to someone? I bet you feel HAPPY and that's how I felt today. The moment when those person smile and say thank you to you is one of the happiest moment. It felt so warm in the cold rainy day like today. This makes me have the urge to write my story here. Anyway here's my story...
As you guys know, today is Christmas Eve. Yayy. But in China, they don't really celebrate it, I mean it's not a holiday in this country. Only the teenagers and young people celebrate it. I guess they like to celebrate western event, same like during the Halloween. So I still had my class today and pass it like any other other day. EXCEPT, suddenly my friend came to class (she's my classmate) and gave me a present (it's from her roommate too). It was a jar of cookies and 2 candies. Both are so delicious, especially the cookies (I just ate them). I was happy and surprised. Besides that It is my first Christmas present from a friend (as long…

Finding Myself

Hi guys. Long time no see. It's been a long time since my last writing. How are you guys? A lot of things has happened since my last post. New semesters, new classes, new classmates, new teachers and now new season. Autumn has come. Rain starts to pouring down almost like everyday. Weather starts to get cold which make most of people (like me) feel lazy to go out, especially during rainy day. So I end up spending most of my time in my room. Usually I just check out Instagram, Facebook, yahoo news, etc. Pretty boring isn't it? You know, before I came to university, my imagination of how my university life gonna be was fun, like high-school musical, pitch perfect, house bunny that kind of movies. I bet most of you guys also imagine that right? BUT in fact mine was nothing like that. I know it's all depend on each person but seriously I tried. I am still part of saman tho. Currently we are just practicing normally once a week, there's just few members left and no event f…

Last Day of IFW 2015

Albert Yanuar - ALGARRY

Okay so I think that I need to separate this fashion show from others. It started like other fashion show before. Pieces by pieces walked on the runway. Then suddenly the show started to wowed people with their amazing transformations. The surprise didn't end there. I don't want to spoil any further, just take a look at the photos below. Enjoy