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A little bit of country feeling

3 days ago, my friend invited me to her sweet 17th birthday party. Yea, another birthday party again. But this time, it's different. She just invited her closest friends and treated us at Hanamasa. It's a barbecue restaurant. I wanted to wear something that have a bit of country feeling. I managed to took some pictures before leaving. So here is what I wear :

sorry a bit blurry 
Blouse : from mom's closet Tanktop : Guess? Red Pants : Zara Basic Hat : Dad's bought from Thailand
I'm new either in blogging world or lookbook, please t support me and I will improve better in future. 
Thank you & Have a nice day
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Mrs.Doraemon Sweet 17th Birthday Party

About 2 more weeks again, we will say goodbye to 2012. It's almost near the end of the year! Time surely pass so fast. Today I will tell you about my friend's sweet 17th birthday party. sweet 17th? not sweet 16th? Some of you must be confuse with this. In my country, we celebrate it when we reach 17 y.o. The party was held about 3 weeks ago. I know it's too late but I just want to show you the joy of the party. The party was held in a not so big room at one of the apartment at north Jakarta. When you go outside the room, you'll see a pool which is quiet nice at night. It's a simple party with no so many decorations. There's  a Doraemon statue and Doraemon's magic pink door. And don't forget, the DJ. The theme of the party was Doraemon. She likes Doraemon so much. The reason? Because she thinks that she has the same personalities like Doraemon. Everyone laughed when she said it. But it's the truth. She is a nice girl, funny and help others.  When I …


Since this is my first post, i would  like to introduce myself first before I start my blog. I don't really know how to start it but let's keep going...

My name is Evelyn Elaine from Indonesia. I'm 16 going to 17 in a couple of weeks.. yippie...
The reason I made this blog because I want to know blogging world more. I just know about fashion blogging this year, around in the middle of the year. I forgot how I discovered it...kkk... The first blogger whom I know is Evita Nuh. Her style is really really awesome despite her young age. The second one is Diana Rikasari. Her extraordinary sense of fashion is really different from many people. She's brave to play with colors, patterns and unique accessories. The third one is Anastasia Siantar. I love her style so much. I love her up to date style, how she mix and match her style. I always follow their blog, whenever there's a new post, I'll read it immediately. I'm like a stalker,huh?

Back to my introduction again. I…