Monday, December 3, 2012


Since this is my first post, i would  like to introduce myself first before I start my blog. I don't really know how to start it but let's keep going...

My name is Evelyn Elaine from Indonesia. I'm 16 going to 17 in a couple of weeks.. yippie...
The reason I made this blog because I want to know blogging world more. I just know about fashion blogging this year, around in the middle of the year. I forgot how I discovered it...kkk... The first blogger whom I know is Evita Nuh. Her style is really really awesome despite her young age. The second one is Diana Rikasari. Her extraordinary sense of fashion is really different from many people. She's brave to play with colors, patterns and unique accessories. The third one is Anastasia Siantar. I love her style so much. I love her up to date style, how she mix and match her style. I always follow their blog, whenever there's a new post, I'll read it immediately. I'm like a stalker,huh?

Back to my introduction again. If you read this post, you would think that I'm a talkative girl, don't you? mmmm.. I'm not that type of girl. At school, I'm very very very quiet girl. Rarely talk to my classmates except my close friends of course. Even among my close friends, I think I'm the most quiet. The reason is simple, I don't know what I'm suppose to talk to them. My daily life? It's just flat, so nothing to talk about.

I hope from this blog I can make my life more alive. Not just flat like now. I want to discover the world outside that I haven't reach back then. Besides those reason, the real reason I made this blog because I want to learn more about fashion. I think I can learn fashion from here. Back then, before I follow fashion blog, my sense of style was suck. But now, I think I'm improve a lot. Thanks to fashion bloggers! I want to inspire people, just like them. Because my dream is to be a fashion designer and make my own boutique.. hopefully this dream will come true :)

I think my introduction for now is enough. So see ya in my next post.

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