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The First Award

Hey guys! The first day of the week finally come again. I was surprised by this beautiful girl, Lill Qing, who has nominated me for the Liebster Award. What is Liebster Award? It's about nomating other bloggers with less than 200 followers so that people recognized their AMAZING blog. Don't forget to check out Lill's blog, you won't regret it ;)

The rules :

Each person have to post 11 things about themselves.Answer 11 questions asked by the nominator.Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.Create 11 questions for the nominees.Tell the nominees about it.No tag back. About me : Born in January 10 and just turn 17 this year.I'm Chinese born in Indonesia.Have 1 old sister and 1 young brother. They're 2 years apart from me. Light Blue is my color. The reason? I feel peace whenever I see this color.I love dolphin so much!!A kpop lover. Especially SUPER JUNIOR.Favourite member from Super Junior is Sungmin >w<♥Kdrama lover too. kkkkI have a cute sweetie …

Officially 17

The weather in the city where I live is gloomy and cold lately. I feel like I'm at Puncak every night. My classroom is so freakin' cold. Almost raining everyday. Flood everywhere. I can't go to any far place from my home these days. Especially today, it has been raining since last night UNTIL NOW(10.00 am)! Even now, it still raining heavily.  So no school for today because the flood block the access to my school. There's flood already in front of my house, about 3 or 4 cm. Can't imagine the flood outside my home area. This condition is just the same as 5 years ago when I was in grade 5... maybe worse.
*the rain has stopped and guess the height of the flood??? it's 15 cm (in front of my house)!!!* almost half of the car's wheel!

Let's move to another topic... I'm proudly announce to you guys that I'm officially 17! Yippie!! Luckily today's heavy rain didn't come during my birthday day. My birthday was last week, 10 January. At first, I d…

Happy Birthday to...

Bonjour everyone! Yes, it's 2013 already. Happy Birthday to Earth and Happy New Year to you all!!
How's your new year celebration? Mine was just like the other day. Stay at home, watching TV because there were a lot of traffic during that time in my country. At night, me and my mom went to our roof and watched fireworks... They're so pretty!

 this one is from Ancol

On the first day of 2013, me and my family went to Grand Indonesia. It's been a long time since our last visit. In there, there're a lot of branded sale happened. We saw many beautiful pieces, women surely love this kind of thing but my father and brother were so bored. haha.  This is what I wore...

for some reason the pictures are connected to each other, so I decided to combine them into one picture

That day was a very happy day until my mother got a news a bad news about her friend. We rushed to our home first so that they could drop us (me and my brother) and they went to hospital. My mom was very sad …