Friday, February 15, 2013

What's in IFW 2013?

Hi guys! How's your valentine's day? O yea... Happy Valentine's Day! Mine  was not very good since I had cold and flu yesterday. But I'm better now, it's just that I still can't taste food completely... bitter. Even it's like that, I still felt the warmth of Valentine, with my mom. My mom take care a very good care of me, warmed my cold hands. Thanks mom!
Well... most of you guys might have known that Indonesia Fashion Week started since yesterday. It's the second IFW, the first one was in 2012. I'm very lucky because I'm one of the bloggers for IFW 2013.. Yay! The theme of this year is Sarong. Have you go there? If not, you must! Because you'll miss the biggest fashion week ever...Besides that, you will be able to see so many famous people and designers!
In this post, I will show you what's in IFW 2013. This gonna be a long post..

This is what you see when you first enter :
*sorry for overly edit in some pictures

 Around 10 am, the opening ceremony started. It started with greetings first then pray for the success of this event. Then dancers came out..

Continued with the flash fashion show
Press the button to start

After the opening ceremony, me and my mom went around the exhibition again where designer showing their amazing designs

I really wanted to grab the first piece... argh.. it's so gorgeous as you can see
 my mom's fav

 My favourite part of the exhibition. It's not kawaii? mmmm....

When fashion week happens, there's also so many stores that can statisfy you, from head to toe. Besides, they're not a piece that you usually see..

Below are some shops that provide you guys with Indonesian culture taste products
Zikin Design @ C-129

Want to have your own shoes model or maybe clutch? 
Suette @ C-030

Be Patient @ C-139

Batik by Jawa @ C-139
most of the products in this shop are made by nature fibers
 this one is made up from orchid leaf fibers

I will post the fashion show part... soon! I'll try my best to post it tonight if not then maybe tomorrow morning. So stay tune :)


  1. wow great post & photos i like it!

    Maybe we follow each other!?
    Let me know :)


  2. I would love to be there one day!