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Fairy Tales

Hi guys! How are ya? Hope you all fine. Finally I'm free from school for a while and got a chance to write this post. fiuuhhh. Now, let me bring you to"Fairy Tales" 
On Sunday, 12 May 2013, I was invited to a fashion show at Harris Hotel. The theme of the fashion show was "Fairy Tales" and the dresscode for the guests were "Black in Black". I didn't know what to wore that day. In the end, I decided to wore "lace top", inherited from my mom, with tutu skirt.
Back to the show, there's still not many people in there when we arrived. I thought I was late. So we took some pictures first of ourselves (me and my mom)...  TAADDDAA!!

This JFFF was the 10th times since they started the events. Lucky me to had an opportunity to see those beautiful collections

Let's start with the first show!!
Most of her designs for this collection, she used soft pastel colour. And not forget the stripes trend in two pieces of this collection. Most…