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Fairy Tales

Hi guys! How are ya? Hope you all fine. Finally I'm free from school for a while and got a chance to write this post. fiuuhhh. Now, let me bring you to"Fairy Tales" 

On Sunday, 12 May 2013, I was invited to a fashion show at Harris Hotel. The theme of the fashion show was "Fairy Tales" and the dresscode for the guests were "Black in Black". I didn't know what to wore that day. In the end, I decided to wore "lace top", inherited from my mom, with tutu skirt.

Back to the show, there's still not many people in there when we arrived. I thought I was late. So we took some pictures first of ourselves (me and my mom)...

This JFFF was the 10th times since they started the events. Lucky me to had an opportunity to see those beautiful collections

Let's start with the first show!!


Most of her designs for this collection, she used soft pastel colour. And not forget the stripes trend in two pieces of this collection. Most pieces of this collection is what you can wear in daily activities. 

The designer : Anastasia


The concept of her collection was nature. The designer used violet-grey colour, brown and not forget green. I think violet-grey colour represent air, brown represent earth and of course green represent the living (like trees). If you zoom the pictures, you'll see that the violet-grey and earth pieces have leaf-like-pattern while the green pieces have small dots-like-pattern. She matched this collection with unique bags, as you can see. I also like some of the heels that she used for her collection. They're gorgeous!

that heels ;^;

The designer

Fomalhaut Zamel

The colors that the designer used for this collection were brown & shades of brown colors. If you see it carefully, you'll see flowers, beads and sequins touches on his collections. All the models wore turban which is quiet interesting and for the accessories, he used... what are they called? mmm.. stone accessories? maybe that. And if I'm not mistaken, the fabrics for this collection were from West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara.

the designer

Melia Wijaya

This is my favorite collection among all the collections for this fashion show. I love all of her designs, they're so unique! The fabrics that she used was denim-like-materials. The designer put beads on every dresses of this collection. For the accessories, she only used earings that matches with the beads on the dresses.

 I love the ideas of this 2 pieces by putting the collar on the back

 the designer

It won't be "Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival" if there's no food, right? So, after the show, the guests were spoiled with lots of food, mostly were Indonesian cuisine and snacks. Too bad, I didn't take a picture of them because my camera was out of battery at that time. I had to be with my camera when I was charging it. Didn't have chance to try all of them, besides I had eaten before the show. But I did try their crepes and siomay. Delicious!

*Just want to let you know that all my comments regarding those collections are my personal point of view, so if there's any mistakes, I'm sorry..

The next show will come up in my next post

Thank you!


  1. What a show! I'm loving all of these creative pieces. :)
    Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know!

    xx, Mela

  2. the last show collection is stunning dear :D


  3. such an awesome collection !☺

    mind to check my new post on :
    thanks ♥

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  5. I love Melia Wijaya's collection as well! The fabrics she used work so well together.




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