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Hi guys! How are you? It's been a long time since my last post, probably a month. I miss blogging so much. O ya, I want to say "Happy Mubarak" to those who celebrate it. (I hope I write it right, hehe). So guys, how's your holiday? maybe you can share it with me ^^ I'm not going anywhere this holiday, just staying at home or go to the mall with my family. It's very boring since I'm mostly not doing anything at home. I hope you guys have a nice holiday :D

I'm in my last year of senior high school, started from June (2013). And you know what it means right? I have to focus more in study, that's why I have to sit in front so that I will be able to catch the subject well and not feel sleepy. Really different from last year. I wasn't that focus in study and can be said that it was the most lazy year in my entire life of school. I was sleeping during in some of the subject and moreover I sat at the last row which always made me very sleepy (Please d…