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Hi guys! How are you? It's been a long time since my last post, probably a month. I miss blogging so much. O ya, I want to say "Happy Mubarak" to those who celebrate it. (I hope I write it right, hehe). So guys, how's your holiday? maybe you can share it with me ^^ I'm not going anywhere this holiday, just staying at home or go to the mall with my family. It's very boring since I'm mostly not doing anything at home. I hope you guys have a nice holiday :D

I'm in my last year of senior high school, started from June (2013). And you know what it means right? I have to focus more in study, that's why I have to sit in front so that I will be able to catch the subject well and not feel sleepy. Really different from last year. I wasn't that focus in study and can be said that it was the most lazy year in my entire life of school. I was sleeping during in some of the subject and moreover I sat at the last row which always made me very sleepy (Please don't follow this bad example). But well at least I still try my best to keep my marks stable. Eventhough I had to go through a lot of remedial, which I don't want to happen again this year. I have to face UAN (national exams) next year, that's why no more playing around, hopefully I will be able to do that. Besides, I have to started to think of my future, I mean what kind of major I want to take. My mom said that the registration (part 1) will start to open this September. Actually I have one in my mind. I want to take major related to fashion, especially fashion design. But my relatives keep doubting me, they said if you want to be a designer, you don't have to go to fashion school, you can learn it anytime in the future. Well, it's kinda true, I heard there some designer that learn it by themselves. And my mom want me to be a doctor, especially beauty doctor, since there are a lot of people who seek them nowadays. The best part, she still let me choose my own future, she agree with my desicion to take fashion but she told me to re-think again since it's for my future.

For today post, I'm going to post some pictures from tumblr.

Have you smile today? Dont's forget to smile :)
Always start your day with a smile. It surely can boost your mood and make your day happier
When bad things happen, try to smile, it will make you feel better
Even a fake smile can change your mood a bit
cause smile is the best medicine

These 3 pictures remind me of thai movie "Billionaire". I bet most of you have watch it. If you haven't, try to watch it. It's one of the best movie! I watched it few days ago. That movie is really inspired me. 'Just belive in your dreams' In that movie, this boy (named Top) believed that he would be a young businessman. He's the founder of Tao Kei Noi. Believe without doing anything your best is nothing. 'Optimism is key' eventhough he went through all the trouble, he still have his optimism and believe. These 2 that made him up from his failure. So if anything bad happen, always remember this 3 pictures, cause 'Everything happens for a reason'

These is what I try to put inside myself. I often worry about what other people think and at the end I'm not 'me'. Seems like I release awkward aura around me. I'm scared that they will think that I'm weird. I relized that being weird is okay cause everyone has their weird side. But I'm still struggling with this thing. *sigh* Hopefully I can be 'me', someday..

Big things come from a small things

Have a nice day!




  1. Really nice photo and nice quotes !Inspired !

    Chic Swank

  2. Love all the pictures here! Nice post ^^~ Mind to follow each other? :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. The icecream photo :o

    Instagram: @michelleothman

  4. What lovely post!

    Would u like to follow each other?

  5. Lovely pics, great inspirations!


  6. such inspiring photos!
    thanks for sharing


  7. great pics !! very inspiring

  8. cool pics dear
    thanks for sharing
    it's inspiring :D


  9. nice post!!!



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