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Swag Christmas

Another day passed, here we are.. Merry Christmas everyone! How's your Christmas Day today? Is it fun? Hopefully you have a fun Christmas with your love one :) There's nothing special in celebrating Christmas in my family. We don't even put a decorations on Christmas tree or decorate our house with Christmas attributes. It's kinda of sad for not decorate one of them. I feel like today is just like an ordinary day. Chilling at home and watching TV in the morning. At noon, we went to had our lunch outside at Pluit and went to the new mall, BayWalk. Some of you might not be familiar with BayWalk since they just opened 1 month ago. It's a nice mall but there's nothing much in there since they just open. Just like its name, the mall is located near the sea, so you can clearly see the sea in the mall. The mall was very crowded today. All the parking lot were full of cars. We have to parked our car on the 8th floor. Maybe people were just curious about the mall. Afte…

November Getaway

The view from our hotel main gate
Last month, we went to Puncak with my father's company. It's a tradition in that company to have a company trip every year. It was a very exciting getaway since Jakarta is very crowd and tall building here and there. In there, we can relax our mind and body for a day. Yes, it was 2 days 1 night trip. We went there by car and we took our dog as well. Luckily, there was no much traffic to Puncak at that day. The weather in Puncak is very nice. It's very fresh because it's on the mountain, lot of tree here and there, especially tea garden. We stayed at Novus Spa & Hotel if I'm not mistaken. The concept of the hotel is like housing, so people will feel like they're at home. They have Rabbit area as well, they're so cute. The employee in there are very nice too.
After we arrived there, we loaded our belongings and had our lunch. After sometime, the person who's in charge for the event came to our room and told us that th…


Hi guys! it's been a long time since the last time I write my post. I can't believe that it's been 1 year since my first post. Time flies. Just in a few days, Christmas is coming! and then New Year! 
These days I've been busy with my instashop. The first time we started this shop was very hard. We had to gain customers from here and there. 1 month has passed and it's getting better and better. In order to celebrate Christmas and New Year, my mom decided to make a GIVEAWAY! Actually the giveaway started since yesterday. hehehe
The prize are 2 "Line Sucker Phone Money Bank". By this you can stand your phone and at the same time you can make it into a money bank, just like the picture below. There are 2 types : Cony and Moon.

The rule is simple. All you need to do to join the giveaway are : 1. Follow my instashop @elfes133_shop
2. Like the picture above on instagram
3. Repost the picture above, mention us (@elfes133_shop), and give a hashtag #elfes133giveaw…