Wednesday, December 25, 2013

November Getaway

The view from our hotel main gate

Last month, we went to Puncak with my father's company. It's a tradition in that company to have a company trip every year. It was a very exciting getaway since Jakarta is very crowd and tall building here and there. In there, we can relax our mind and body for a day. Yes, it was 2 days 1 night trip. We went there by car and we took our dog as well. Luckily, there was no much traffic to Puncak at that day. The weather in Puncak is very nice. It's very fresh because it's on the mountain, lot of tree here and there, especially tea garden. We stayed at Novus Spa & Hotel if I'm not mistaken. The concept of the hotel is like housing, so people will feel like they're at home. They have Rabbit area as well, they're so cute. The employee in there are very nice too.

After we arrived there, we loaded our belongings and had our lunch. After sometime, the person who's in charge for the event came to our room and told us that the game was about to start. So my dad and my lil bro went to the games area while me and my mom was just sitting at the side of games area. After the games ended, me and my mom took our dog to do her 'business'. Then we went to the Rabbit area, they take care a lot of rabbit from various type.

After some walk, we went back to our room and took a break. Then dinner came. All of us except our mom (who was guarding our dog because she will make noise if she is left alone) had our dinner. The dinner was yummy. Other employee from where my dad work surely had fun night. They did karaoke things since the hotel provide it. Me and my brother went back to our room first along with my grandma and we slept. While my mom and my dad joined the last event of that day which is lucky draw I think.

The next morning, we had our breakfast. We came late to the breakfast area so there's not much food options there. Then my family took a tour around the hotel and these pictures are the photos that I took on that day, inside and outside the hotel.

All the member from where my dad work did took a trip picture at the end before one by one started to go back to Jakarta. On our way back to Jakarta, we stopped at Cimory. This brand is famous for its yogurt and milk product in my opinion. Besides that, they also sell chips, chocolate and ice cream, anything that related to cow and milk. We did some shopping in there and bought a lots of yogurts as a souvenir for our relatives in Jakarta. In the end, we're back to Jakarta safely with a warm welcome from the heavy rain.

That's my November Trip to Puncak story. You should go there too when you visit Indonesia :)

Say Hello to my dog, Angel
She's so cute in this picture. Love her so much!

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