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Black and White

Hi guys! How have you been? I can't believe it's almost a week since Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 that was held on 20 February 2014.
That day was a hectic day. I was quite sad because I couldn't attend the event from the beginning. I am in my last year of my high school right now and plus I had a try out exams on that day. That's why I couldn't skip school. lol.
At first, my mom told me that she didn't want to drive me to Jakarta Convention Center, where the event was held, because of the "3 in 1" thingy around the area. There will be a traffic after the "3 in 1" rules ended. But in the end, she changed her mind and agreed to drive to the avenue. Did everything go well after that? No. My mom had no clue about the road we were going to take because of the "3 in 1" rules again. We had to go from here and there and back to the same place again. Moreover, we were stuck in the traffic when we were about to arrived at the avenue. It took…

Indonesia Fashion Week Is Coming To Town!!

 (Image source : google)
Indonesia Fashion Week is coming to town Yippie!
Tahun ini adalah yang ketiga kalinya Indonesia Fashion Week digelar. Tentu para fashion enthusiast tidak mau ketinggalan fashion week ini bukan?  Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) tahun ini digelar di tempat yang sama seperti tahun lalu, yaitu di Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). IFW digelar selama 4 hari, dari tanggal 20 - 23 Februari 2014. Jangan lupa tandai tanggalnya ya... hehe
Inti konsep yang dibawakan masih sama seperti tahun sebelumnya #LocalMovement. #LocalMovement ini sendiri bertujuan agar masyarakat Indonesia lebih mengenal dan mencintai produk dalam negeri. Produk Indonesia tidak kalah kok dengan produk luar negeri. Selain itu, budaya dan produk khas Indonesia juga ditampilkan dalam acara ini. Namun di IFW tidak hanya menampilkan hasil produk dalam negeri. Banyak brand-brand luar yang juga akan menampilkan produk mereka lho.
Seiring dengan perkembangan zaman, bumi pun semakin terpuruk dengan adanya polusi…


Hi guys! How have you been? Happy Chinese New Year! Today is the last day of CNY and finally I can post my CNY ootd from day 1 till day 3. I couldn't take my ootd picture until yesterday because I was busy with my instashop (@elfes133_shop), my school projects and exams that started to pile up these days. 

DAY 1 My Chinese New Year celebration this year was different from before. Usually we would go to my father's friend's house. We spent many hours sitting and eating while waiting for my father playing tai chi with his friends. It was very boring. We didn't do anything there. But this year, we didn't go there. We spent most of our time at my cousins's house. Our relatives came one by one, even though I don't very familiar with them. In the evening, we went home. This was what I wore on that day :
Top -  from Bugis, Singapore ; Skirt - Unbranded  ; Shoes - from China 

DAY 2 On the next day, we went to Citraland Mall to took our customer's order from my si…