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Hi guys! How have you been? Happy Chinese New Year! Today is the last day of CNY and finally I can post my CNY ootd from day 1 till day 3. I couldn't take my ootd picture until yesterday because I was busy with my instashop (@elfes133_shop), my school projects and exams that started to pile up these days. 

My Chinese New Year celebration this year was different from before. Usually we would go to my father's friend's house. We spent many hours sitting and eating while waiting for my father playing tai chi with his friends. It was very boring. We didn't do anything there. But this year, we didn't go there. We spent most of our time at my cousins's house. Our relatives came one by one, even though I don't very familiar with them. In the evening, we went home. This was what I wore on that day :

Top -  from Bugis, Singapore ; Skirt - Unbranded  ; Shoes - from China 

On the next day, we went to Citraland Mall to took our customer's order from my sister's friends who lives around that area. It's my first time to went to that mall and honestly I don't really like that mall. For the first time in my life time, I watched Wayang Potehi in that mall and I kinda like it. They played Sun Go Kong tale. And this was what I wore on that day :

 Top - Guess ; Denim Vest - Mom's ; Skirt - Unbranded ; Shoes - from China

3rd day of CNY, I was invited by friend to her 17th birthday lunch at Hanamasa, Pluit Village. I confused whether she really celebrated it on that day or not because last year I mistook my appointment's day with my friends because I didn't see the date correctly. And ever since then, I always confirm my appointment before I go.
The celebration was very simple. She just invited her closest friends but unfortunately 2 of them couldn't come. She also invited her cousins and 2 of her cousins are from Hong Kong (they can's speak Bahasa). The food were delicious and we sure had a lot of fun on that day :D
What I wore on that day :

Top - Guess ; Denim Vest - Mom's ; Shoes - Converse

 Once again,



  1. Though its late, Happy Chinese new year and Happy valentine's day!

    lovely looks. thanks for sharing.


  2. DAY 2 it's my favorite:)) following you now please follow back if you want:) kisses:*))

  3. lovely top and cute shoes dear :D



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