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A Brief Story

One moon, two moons had passed. Another year passed and now we are in 2015. 2014 was the most amazing year in my entire life. Why? Lot of things happened in that year. I became IFW 2014 blogger, graduated from high school, found my love one and started my university life in China. 
To be honest, it was not easy at first to study overseas. I had a hard time talking to the local people because the lack of my Chinese language, just knew a bit. I didn't know what to do things. The number one problem in there is my communication skill which is not very good. I am  a shy, quiet and awkward person to new people I just met, maybe still even after I knew them for long time. Luckily I am surrounded by many nice people there, I have my sister who always help me there, my new friends that are crazy but nice, the support from my family and my love one. On the other side, the fun side, I can learn Chinese (even though sometimes I feel lazy to study it). I also join Indonesia Dance where I lear…

The Excitement Outside The Catwalk

Happy Valentines Day! We just celebrated Valentines Day yesterday. Hopefully we don't just celebrate love only on that day but everyday with everyone. And I can't believe that Indonesia Fashion Week is going to happen in just few weeks again. So on this post, I want to throwback about what happened in IFW 2014. Yes I haven't post the excitement outside the catwalk. I met lots of famous people in there, from designers, artist, models, bloggers. Get to know people there and they are very nice. So here they are.. Found this Olive des Olive booth but those clothes WERE NOT FOR SALE. Those clothes were for the visitors to try and give their opinion about them. That day, one of the staffs said that Olive des Olive will open their store in Indonesia soon. Can't wait to see their store in Indonesia. All of their clothes are sooo cute, comfy, and everyday wear.
The dress and shoes that I tried on
Met these 2 kawaii famous fashion blogger and I bet you know them, Comi and Miharu…


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