Friday, February 20, 2015

A Brief Story

One moon, two moons had passed. Another year passed and now we are in 2015. 2014 was the most amazing year in my entire life. Why? Lot of things happened in that year. I became IFW 2014 blogger, graduated from high school, found my love one and started my university life in China. 

To be honest, it was not easy at first to study overseas. I had a hard time talking to the local people because the lack of my Chinese language, just knew a bit. I didn't know what to do things. The number one problem in there is my communication skill which is not very good. I am  a shy, quiet and awkward person to new people I just met, maybe still even after I knew them for long time. Luckily I am surrounded by many nice people there, I have my sister who always help me there, my new friends that are crazy but nice, the support from my family and my love one. On the other side, the fun side, I can learn Chinese (even though sometimes I feel lazy to study it). I also join Indonesia Dance where I learned how to dance Saman and Merak (Peacock). Saman is hard, it gave me bruise on my both upper feet which was very painful when I did Saman position. For the Merak dance, I think the hard part is the technique. The food in China is not much different than in Indonesia, except that I think Indonesia's cuisines are more delicious. In term of transportation, China is more advance than in Indonesia and so does the cleanness of the street I think.

Do I miss my home? Of course! I think everyone who study overseas feel the same way as I did. What I miss the most? Hmm.. my family. I didn't think about how much I miss them when I was in China before I went back to my country. But when I saw their face in the airport, I felt very happy. The second is Indonesia's cuisines and snacks of course. Martabak is my number one wanted to eat list when I came back to Indonesia and It was fulfilled in several days later. Happy tummy :D

And so here I am, in my country Indonesia, surrounded by the people who love me (except one because he is in the other part of the world, can't wait to meet him soon) and I love them so much even though I can't express them clearly to them. It feels so weird because It's the first time I write something about my life on this blog. Never imagine I would write them just now. I just feels like I want to write it and I can't believe I write so much. I think this is also the first time I write this much. Wew. My plans during this comeback to my hometown are meet my friends from high school which I already did last week and hopefully can meet them again before I go back to China, try many many Indonesia's cuisines ( I haven't eat bakso, uduk rice, siomay, dim sum and many more since my arrival here). Last is to attend and become blogger for Indonesia Fashion Week again this year which will be held from 26 February - 1 March at Jakarta Convention Center. Make sure to come this year if you never come to IFW before because I bet this year will be more spectacular than last year event. There will be a lot of excitement happen there and if you are lucky, maybe you will be able to meet many famous people there.

Thank you for reading!


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