Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Excitement Outside The Catwalk

Happy Valentines Day! We just celebrated Valentines Day yesterday. Hopefully we don't just celebrate love only on that day but everyday with everyone. And I can't believe that Indonesia Fashion Week is going to happen in just few weeks again. So on this post, I want to throwback about what happened in IFW 2014. Yes I haven't post the excitement outside the catwalk. I met lots of famous people in there, from designers, artist, models, bloggers. Get to know people there and they are very nice. So here they are..
Found this Olive des Olive booth but those clothes WERE NOT FOR SALE. Those clothes were for the visitors to try and give their opinion about them. That day, one of the staffs said that Olive des Olive will open their store in Indonesia soon. Can't wait to see their store in Indonesia. All of their clothes are sooo cute, comfy, and everyday wear.

The dress and shoes that I tried on

Met these 2 kawaii famous fashion blogger and I bet you know them, Comi and Miharu Julie. They are super nice and friendly. Hope to meet them again in the future. Sorry for being awkward with you guys.

Coconut Island exhibition

Colorbox exhibition

I also met Sisca Phang, She is friendly and always smile, She even gave my mom 2 fashion invitation for tomorrow. When I met her the next day again, I greeted her and she didn't forget me :D
Too bad I didn't see her collection in that IFW. I wish I could meet her again and see her collection in the next IFW this year.

During IFW, you can also buy clothes from many brands and variety. There were lots of booths selling from head to toe, from everyday wear to special occasion wear.

This is me with the owner and founder of AW_WARDROBE. He is super kind and friendly. He even gave me the gold soccer bag which is very cool. The recent theme for his collection last year was sporty, soccer. His collection is very unique and fun! You can check his collection in Instagram @aw_wardrobe .  Just for your information, It is an IndieBrand based in Indonesia. Hope to see him and his new collection again this year.

Many famous people came to IFW, especially on the last day of IFW. Look whom I met! Aaaaaaa!
It was such a memorable experience that happened to me. Hope to get another chance to attend this splendid Indonesia Fashion Week again this year. And I hope to be able to meet, not just meet, but to be able to talk to them comfortably (not awkwardly.. again!), find new friends and connections.


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