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Fashion Story

Every people has their own story, so does the design. Each of designer's collection has their own story to be told through their designs. It makes them unique and different. One thing that I believed, all of the story behind those designs are good stories. After all, all the designers want the best for the person who wear their designs, right?

(sorry if I misspell it)

Trimissi was inspired from one of the Tarot characters which represents 2 things that completely different something like sun and deep ocean, black and white, as one. This collection wants to tell us even though they are different in colors but they are still one.

The designer behind those beautiful designs is Sisca Phang. I bet some of you have known her. She is Indonesian young fashion designer who have shown her design in Hongkong Fashion Week. She is humble and kind. She did remember me when I visited her booth, even though it's been a year since the last time we met each other.


Savira Lavinia, the designer, was inspired during her trip to Java. Using the laser cut technique, she makes "Garuda" shape and number "212". Number 212 represents Wiro Sableng which mean it's okay to be crazy. 

Fashion is an instant language. The designer wants the people who wear this collection to be blessed.

These footwear are part of her collection too which inspired from Java.


Last but not least is the design from one of the well known Indonesia fashion designer. I believed all of you have heard his name. With "Thalassa" theme, he created this stunning and beautiful collection. Can you guess the meaning behind his theme? What is the inspiration for his theme? hmmm.. 


The creator of this collection is no other than Ivan Gunawan. The inspiration for this collection was the ocean. I do think that he delivered his "ocean" in his designs successfully. From the color palette he chose, the fringe that represents wave, that wavy-wave dress represent the ocean's flow, the details of each pieces, and more.

Thank you guys for reading this post. I hope you enjoy this post and please wait for my next post cause I will upload the fashion show more :D

Wish you a wonderful day!


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