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Finding Myself

Hi guys. Long time no see. It's been a long time since my last writing. How are you guys? A lot of things has happened since my last post. New semesters, new classes, new classmates, new teachers and now new season. Autumn has come. Rain starts to pouring down almost like everyday. Weather starts to get cold which make most of people (like me) feel lazy to go out, especially during rainy day. So I end up spending most of my time in my room. Usually I just check out Instagram, Facebook, yahoo news, etc. Pretty boring isn't it? You know, before I came to university, my imagination of how my university life gonna be was fun, like high-school musical, pitch perfect, house bunny that kind of movies. I bet most of you guys also imagine that right? BUT in fact mine was nothing like that. I know it's all depend on each person but seriously I tried. I am still part of saman tho. Currently we are just practicing normally once a week, there's just few members left and no event f…