Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Finding Myself

Hi guys. Long time no see. It's been a long time since my last writing. How are you guys?
A lot of things has happened since my last post. New semesters, new classes, new classmates, new teachers and now new season. Autumn has come. Rain starts to pouring down almost like everyday. Weather starts to get cold which make most of people (like me) feel lazy to go out, especially during rainy day. So I end up spending most of my time in my room. Usually I just check out Instagram, Facebook, yahoo news, etc. Pretty boring isn't it? You know, before I came to university, my imagination of how my university life gonna be was fun, like high-school musical, pitch perfect, house bunny that kind of movies. I bet most of you guys also imagine that right? BUT in fact mine was nothing like that. I know it's all depend on each person but seriously I tried. I am still part of saman tho. Currently we are just practicing normally once a week, there's just few members left and no event for us. I also tried to apply in Indonesia community in Ningbo but sadly I was rejected. There are no club fair, I don't know what it called, you know where those clubs promote their club to get new members, or maybe there were but I didn't know because of my Chinese language skill are still not so good. Somehow this post starts to become gloomy... 

Anyway, during my absent-from-blog interval, I think I started to realized few things about myself. Most of them are not the good one I think. When I talk to people, I found out that most of the time my mind likes to go blank. I can still hear them but I need to take more time to process of what they say and what should I reply to them. Maybe this is the effect of not having much daily conversation (?) Even my mom noticed it and said that looks like my mind likes to wander around. Another thing is that I am a curious person. It's not the curiosity towards people's life but more to those things that interest me. Do you familiar with the idiom "Curiosity kills the cat"? Well in my case, it's true. Now I had a bad habit resulted from my curiosity. I am now trying fix it. It's hard to fix the bad habit. I had to fight with myself not to do that. Aside from the new-not-so-good me, I also found out my own taste in fashion. Now I know my style. I like simple things so yeah I like simple-basic-effortless style. If you dig into my old post, you will find that I don't have my own authentic style. I couldn't even choose my own clothes during shopping. I just followed the trend or my mom would choose it for me. I ended up just wear them once. But now since I came here, I have to choose what clothes do I like to wear. That really help me in finding my own taste. For food, I still don't know what kind of food do I like. Nowadays I just keep thinking of Indonesia food. I am literally Indonesia-food-homesick (sounds weird --"). I like their taste that just can be found in Indonesia. Their chili, their curry, ah it makes me hungry right now. I miss Indonesia food. If you ask me more specific about what food do I like, no I can't answer that. If a person ask me what do I want to eat, I just can describe it like "I want something with soup" or "I want something that is spicy". Most of the time I will say "I don't know".

Wow I think this is the longest post that I ever write. And oh, if you notice, I did change my blog title to "Eve's Diary" and also my blog link. Simply because I want a new fresh start in this blog without having to abandon this blog. I will post mostly about my thoughts (I guess) and about the outfit post..I do wish that I could post another one again, really. I miss taking outfit pictures and post them in this blog. Hopefully I can post another one in the near future.

That's the end of this post. Enjoy your day and hope you have a nice day. Cheers!

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