Thursday, December 24, 2015

Share Your Love

How do you feel after you share/give something to someone? I bet you feel HAPPY and that's how I felt today. The moment when those person smile and say thank you to you is one of the happiest moment. It felt so warm in the cold rainy day like today. This makes me have the urge to write my story here. Anyway here's my story...

As you guys know, today is Christmas Eve. Yayy. But in China, they don't really celebrate it, I mean it's not a holiday in this country. Only the teenagers and young people celebrate it. I guess they like to celebrate western event, same like during the Halloween. So I still had my class today and pass it like any other other day. EXCEPT, suddenly my friend came to class (she's my classmate) and gave me a present (it's from her roommate too). It was a jar of cookies and 2 candies. Both are so delicious, especially the cookies (I just ate them). I was happy and surprised. Besides that It is my first Christmas present from a friend (as long as I remember), that was out of my.. how do I say this.. prediction. After class, we went to the market street, we call it Nongmao, I want to buy green beans and stuff, and she wanted to meet her roommate and ate. So we separated and after I shopping, suddenly I think I want give a Christmas present to them today. I went to one of the famous bakery in Nongmao and bought this tiramisu cake in a small cup with snowman shape which is very cute and I think It worth the price. I also bought them a small mango pudding jar. I directly gave those to them after I bought it. My friend thought I gave them because of what they give earlier but It's not. I told them that I originally had an intention to give them a Christmas present but they gave me first. We both said thank each other, smile, and I let them eat again (this happened in restaurant by the way) then I left. Feels like we exchange Christmas gifts.

On my way home, I met my other friend. She is my senior and she is kind too. So we say hi and she started a chat with me. Of course I walked towards her, we walked together and continue to chat. She wanted to go to the bus station and our direction is kinda in the same direction. It was raining a little and I felt terrible because I kinda felt shy and awkward to suddenly share my umbrella with her. I bet most of you might think why do I have to felt that way. Well, It's just me. I am always an awkward shy person. Suddenly the rain dropped a bit heavier and without any further thinking, I share my umbrella with her. I guess I think too much before. I walked her a little bit more until to the point where we really have to say goodbye because our direction was not the same anymore. Do you know how I felt after that? I felt sooo happy. Maybe it's because of the chit-chat effect. But anyway still, I felt happy. The fact that I can make other people happy through the small thing that I did, makes me happy too.

The point that I want to tell to you guys in here is when you share something with other people, it will makes you happy, especially if those people feel the same way too for what we do. Even if it just a small thing. What's the point of having everything in the world but you are the only one who can enjoy it. No baby you won't feel happy. You will always search that missing part in you. That's why we have to share it with other people. So.. share your love ;)

~ wish you a merry Christmas Eve ~
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