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Blue Valentine

I am sad. I thought I was okay but I am not. Even the sky feels so gloomy today. I wonder if they know what I feel now.
I know that today should be a happy day where people spend this special day with someone they love; family, lover, friends. But today, I can't spend it with them. All my friends are working today. The worst part is my parents departed from Ningbo this morning to another city, then they go back home. I didn't feel sad when we separated at the station. I thought I was okay, because the last time my mom went back, I cried secretly on the subway. I still feel okay when I ate at downtown. But all that changed when I entered my apartment building and the lift. I entered it by myself. It felt so lonely. I am used with the many people this past few weeks and suddenly it's all by myself. The part that break my heart is when I entered my room. It felt so empty. I cried I cried and I cried. I didn't even want to look at my room. The wall hanger used to filled w…